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Air Taxi, colloquially known as “Air Tanna”, because we fly there virtually every day, is available for domestic and international air charter, aerial photography & videography, domestic and international medical evacuation, maritime aerial survey, aerial search and rescue, air freight, aerial property inspection, skydiving operations and much more. Over 10 years of operation has seen us grow to become the largest air charter and tour operator in Vanuatu, with bases in the capital Port Vila and on Tanna Island. We service the following domestic destinations:

Aneityum (or Mystery Island)
Craig Cove (West Ambrym)
Dillon’s Bay (West Erromango)
Ipota (East Erromango)
Lajmoli (West Espirito Santo)
Lamap (Southeast Malekula)
Lamen Bay (Northwest Epi)
Longana (East Ambae)
Lonorore (Southwest Pentecost)
Mota Lava
Norsup (East Malekula)
Redcliff (South Ambae)
Sara (North Pentecost)
Santo (Luganville – Southeast Espirito Santo)
South West Bay (Southwest Malekula)
Ulei (East Ambrym)
Valesdir (Southwest Epi)
Walaha (Northwest Ambae)

In addition, we offer charter to any regional international destination in the South Pacific, including;

New Caledonia
Solomon Islands
Papua New Guinea
Norfolk Island

If it has an airstrip, we can fly you there.

Charter #1Air Taxi operates a fleet of single and twin engine aircraft. We have aircraft equipped to fly IFR (Instrument Flight Rules), in adverse weather conditions. All aircraft are maintained to the highest standards by our own, dedicated maintenance facility. Each aircraft type has been specifically selected for its reliability, ruggedness and ability to operate into the many “bush” airstrips of Vanuatu.

For intrepid travellers wanting to get out and truly explore the diverse archipelago of Vanuatu, Air Taxi offers the flexibility and range of aircraft to suit. Call or email Meliana so she can assist you with tailoring the perfect island hopping holiday in paradise. You can also furnish us with your desired itinerary and we will make it happen for you.

We have built our business around the needs of the thousands of happy passengers that have flown with us over many years. Our extremely competitive rates were set from day one with the policy: we will always offer the best value for money air charter deals in Vanuatu.

Please go to the General Enquiry page to send us a message for a quote.


Charter #2Vanuatu’s numerous islands mean air travel is the most practical means of getting to most places. The infrequency of scheduled operations to many of Vanuatu’s islands, means air charter can be the most efficient, practical and often most cost effective way of completing a mission.

  • Fly where you want, when you want.
  • The convenience of not having to wait around for a scheduled flight service (sometimes many days).
  • Small passenger numbers means personal attention to each & every customer.
  • No arduous check-in formalities.


Charter #3

  • Strictest safety standards. All our services are operated by extensively trained pilots. Safety and customer comfort is at the forefront of our operation.
  • We have our own dedicated maintenance facility.
  • We have the largest fleet of charter aircraft available to choose from in Vanuatu.
  • We have the ability to cater to large groups. We can move more passengers and/or cargo than any other charter operator in Vanuatu.
  • All our touring aircraft are high-wing, to ensure the best views of the sights below. This is especially important for aerial filming. We can operate with doors removed, for unobstructed aerial photography and videography.
  • Price beat guarantee. If you receive a quote from another operator for a similar charter, we will happily beat it.

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