Tanna – Mt Yasur Volcano Scenic Flight

Tanna – Mt Yasur Volcano Scenic Flight
Vanuatu Volcano Scenic Flight from Port Vila to Tanna Island’s Mt Yasur Volcano

Mt Yasur Volcano, on the island of Tanna, has become famous as one of the most popular attractions in the South Pacific. A scenic flight over Mt Yasur Volcano is the flight of a lifetime. From the air, you can see directly down into the heart of this magnificent natural attraction.

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The flight from Port Vila to Tanna Volcano takes you high over the west coast of Erromango Island. A short time later you will reach the north coast of Tanna Island. The flight path towards Mt Yasur Volcano takes you low over remote villages and dense rainforest. Before long, the moonlike landscape of the volcano’s ash plain comes into view, and then Mt Yasur Volcano itself. It is a breath taking sight and certainly one of the most spectacular you will ever see from the air. The aircraft will circle the volcano for about 10 minutes, so there is a good chance you will see one of Mt Yasur’s famous lava bomb explosions. Passengers on both sides of the aircraft will get ample time to view the volcano. With our aircraft, the wings are on top and everyone has a window seat, allowing unobstructed viewing and spectacular photo opportunities.

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After leaving the volcano, your pilot will fly you past the John Frum Cargo Cult Village and Port Resolution, where Captain Cook first dropped anchor at Tanna Island, after seeing the glow of Mt Yasur Volcano. A few minutes later you will fly overhead the beautiful islet of Aniwa, Vanuatu’s only coral atoll, with a population of only 350 people. The northern third of Aniwa Island consists almost entirely of a white beach fringed lagoon. It is a stunning little island from the air.

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As you head north, your aircraft will track up the rugged east coast of Erromango Island. Upon reaching Efate Island, you will fly overhead Port Vila harbour before gently touching down at Port Vila Airport, stocked with incredible memories and unbelievable photos.

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Why Choose Air Taxi for your Tanna – M Yasur Volcano Scenic Flight.

  • Strictest safety standards. Safety and customer comfort is at the forefront of our operation.
  • All our aircraft are high-wing, to ensure the best views of the sights below.
  • Small passenger numbers means personal attention to each & every customer.
  • Everyone has a window seat.
  • No arduous check-in formalities.
  • Price beat guarantee.

Tanna – Mt Yasur Volcano Scenic Flight; Notes and Tips

  • Tours operate on demand.
  • Flights fill up fast so early booking is recommended.
  • Bring your favourite snacks.
  • In winter, bring a warm top.
  • 5kg bag limit per person.
  • Due to loading considerations, it may not always be possible to sit next to your partner/friend.
  • Airport taxes (Vt200 per person) not included.
  • Maximum weight 130kgs.

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