Naghol (Nagol, N’gol, Nangol, Nanggol) Land Diving Tour – Pentecost Island

Naghol (Nagol, N’gol, Nangol, Nanggol) Land Diving Tour from Port Vila to Pentecost Island

Pentecost Island is about 200 kilometres due north of Port Vila. It is a lush, mountainous island with a number of waterfalls cascading from its many steep ravines. Every year, from the beginning of April to the end of June, in the hopes of a bountiful yam harvest, the villagers of Southwest Pentecost perform a ritual called the Naghol (also written as Nagol, N’gol, Nangol, Nanggol) or Land Diving. Young and very brave men make spectacular leaps from hand crafted towers up to 30 meters high, with only vines tied to their ankles, to break their fall. They are the first ever “bungee” jumpers. It was this ritual in fact, which inspired A J Hackett to conceive of bungee jumping, as we know it today.

A land diver jumping from the tower, supported only by vines

A land diver jumping from the tower, supported only by vines

On your way north from Port Vila, you’ll be flown past the emerald slopes of Lopevi Island’s majestic, active volcano. If the weather permits, your pilot will then fly you over the twin smoking volcanic vents of Benbow and Marum, on the island of Ambrym. If you are lucky, you’ll get a chance to peer down into Ambrym Island Volcanoes’ lakes of boiling lava, the most spectacular of their kind on the planet. We operate sedate, high-wing aircraft only, ensuring the best views of these amazing sights.


After landing at south Pentecost Airport, you will be driven approximately 20 minutes to the Land Diving site. You will then get to witness a ritual seemingly as old as time, where the Naghol Festival participants display ever increasing daring, by jumping from platforms each higher than the last. This culminates in the most death defying leap of all, from the very top of the tower. The spectacle is accompanied by enchanting “kastom” singing and dancing.

Lopevi Volcano

En-route to see the Land Diving, you will fly over Lopevi Volcano

Ambrym Volcano Lava Lake

Ambrym Island Volcanoes’ lakes of boiling lava

Ambrym Volcanoes

Flying over the twin smoking volcanic vents of Benbow and Marum, on the island of Ambrym

The Land Diving is one of those ‘National Geographic’ experiences and one not to be missed.

Cook's Reef

Returning from the Land Diving, you’ll fly over Cook’s Reef

On the way back to Port Vila you will be flown over beautiful Cook’s Reef, for yet more spectacular photo opportunities.

In addition to the Naghol Land diving Tour, we also offer a Naghol Landing Diving Tour & Epi Island Eco Adventure.



Why Choose Air Taxi for your Naghol Land Diving Tour to Pentecost Island?

  • Strictest safety standards. Safety and customer comfort is at the forefront of our operation.
  • All our aircraft are high-wing, to ensure the best views of the sights below. This is especially important for the scenic flight over Ambrym’s Volcanoes.
  • Small passenger numbers means personal attention to each & every customer.
  • The convenience of not having to wait around for a scheduled flight service.
  • No aisle seats.
  • No arduous check-in formalities.

Naghol Land Diving Tour Notes and Tips

  • The Naghol Land Diving Tour runs from the first Saturday in April, to the last Saturday in June.
  • Flights fill up fast so early booking is recommended.
  • Closed shoes recommended.
  • Bring your favourite snacks.
  • Bring sunscreen and a hat.
  • Bring an umbrella, in case of rain while you watch the jumping.
  • 5kg bag limit per person (in soft bags).
  • Airport taxes (Vt200 per person) not included.
  • Surcharge for passengers 115kgs+, maximum weight 130kgs.

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