Volcano Scenic Flight & Epi Island Eco Adventure

Volcano Scenic Flight & Epi Island Eco Adventure

Volcano scenic flight from Port Vila over Ambrym and Lopevi volcanoes, plus a stop-off on Epi Island.

This scenic flight takes you over the breathtakingly beautiful islets and reefs that dot the tropical landscape to the north of Efate.

Lopevi Island is the closest active volcano to Vanuatu’s capital, Port Vila. Lopevi Volcano is one of the most scenically spectacular islands in the archipelago. As an almost perfect conical shaped volcanic island, it casts an impressive and commanding presence, jutting clear out of the water to a height of almost 5,000 feet. Lopevi Volcano forms the tallest peak in central Vanuatu. Lopevi’s explosive activity has increased in recent times with lava flows sometimes reaching the ocean. Evidence of old eruptions can be seen as scars cutting through Lopevi’s emerald forested slopes.

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A little further north from Lopevi, Ambrym Island’s volcanoes are regularly included in the list of earth’s most active volcanoes. They have been in a continuous state of eruption for over 200 years. Known locally as “Black Island”, Ambrym possesses a moon-like landscape where molten lava flows are sometimes seen streaming from the constantly smoking twin vents of Benbow and Marum.

Our sedate aircraft are perfect for still or video photography. The wings are on top and everyone has a window seat, affording spectacular photo opportunities.

Shortly after departure from overhead Ambrym volcano, you will touch down at Lamen Bay’s grass airstrip, on northwest Epi Island. A boat transfer will take you across the azure waters of Lamen Bay, to Sunset Bungalows, where morning tea of organic, island “kai-kai”, lovingly prepared by Taso and family will be served.
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After morning tea, laze on the beach or grab your snorkeling gear and search for turtles, regularly spotted feeding on the sea-grass in the bay. You will then be invited to reboard your boat for a trip to Lamen Island, in search of Dugong, which are also attracted to the area by the abundant supply of sea-grass.

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The flight back to Port Vila takes you over stunning Cooks Reef, completing a Vanuatu adventure you won’t soon forget.

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Why Choose Air Taxi for your Volcano Scenic Flight & Epi Island Eco Adventure?

  • Strictest safety standards. Safety and customer comfort is at the forefront of our operation.
  • All our aircraft are high-wing, to ensure the best views of the sights below.
  • Small passenger numbers means personal attention to each & every customer.
  • Everyone has a window seat.
  • No arduous check-in formalities.

Volcano Scenic Flight & Epi Island Eco Adventure Notes & Tips

  • Bring water, your favourite snacks, swimming gear, a towel, sunscreen and a hat.
  • Please bring your own snorkeling gear. A limited amount of equipment is available at Sunset Bungalows, however the quality cannot be guaranteed.
  • Airport tax (Vt200 per person) not included.

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