Pentecost Island Land Diving Tours

Pentecost Island is one of Vanuatu’s 83 islands and it is about 190 kilometres directly north of Port Vila. It is quite a lush, mountainous island more than 60 kilometres in length and about 490 square kilometres. Pentecost Island is regarded as the home of the original bungee jumping but over land, not water! In fact, it is an ancient ritual referred to in Bislama as “Nagol” which means “land diving”.

Behold the world famous Nagol Pentecost Island Land Diving Tours Festival from April to the end of June, during which the young brave men of Pentecost Island, in hopes of a bountiful yam harvest, make spectacular leaps from hand-crafted towers up to 30 meters high, with only vines to break their fall – the origins of bungee jumping! On your way north on this Vanuatu land diving tour, you’ll fly over the magnificent, active volcanoes of Lopevi and Ambrym Island before touching down at Lonorore airport on South West Pentecost. After witnessing these death defying feats of courage accompanied by traditional dancing, we then fly to gorgeous Epi Island for lunch and the chance to swim with a family of Dugongs, returning to Port Vila with awesome photos and unforgettable memories.

Spend a day on one of these Pentecost Island Land Diving Tours and you will understand the true meaning of the “experience of a lifetime”!

Young men make spectacular leaps from hand-crafted towers up to 30 meters high

Why Fly With Us:

  • On this Pentecost Land Diving Tour we’ll fly you directly over 2 active volcanoes!
  • Small passenger numbers means personal attention to each and every guest
  • The convenience of not having to wait around for a scheduled flight service
  • Everyone has a window seat – spectacular photo opportunities!
  • No arduous check in formalities and queues.

Swim with a family of Dugongs

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