The Air Taxi Fleet

Britten-Norman Islander BN2A-26

BN Islander - 30%The twin engine Islander is the perfect aircraft for Vanuatu, being able to take payloads upwards of 700kg consisting of either all freight, up to 9 Passengers or a combination, out of any airstrip in Vanuatu. It is fully equipped for flight in poor weather conditions.

Cruise Speed: 130kts (235Km/hr)
Payload: 750kg+
Passengers: 9
Range: 400nm+ (730km)
Number in Fleet: 3
Predominant Use: Charter and Tours to Tanna

Cessna 207

Cessna 207The Cessna 207 is an excellent touring aircraft. It can carry upwards of 500kg payload and be configured for 6 Passengers, all freight or a combination. It has a front nose locker which is perfect for baggage or freight with space in the rear as well.

Cruise Speed: 125kts (225Km/hr)
Payload: 600kg+
Passengers: 6
Range: 410nm+
Number in Fleet: 2
Predominant Use: Charter and Tours to Tanna

Cessna 206 w/ Robertson STOL Kit

Cessna 206
Our C206 is equipped with the highly renowned Robertson STOL (Short Take Off and Landing) Kit which allows it to safely and easily take off or land from any airstrip in Vanuatu with a full load on board. At its full weight it takes a mere 250m of airstrip and the shortest recorded airstrip in Vanuatu is 600m. It also has a cargo pod attached underneath, giving it even more space for baggage or freight.

Cruise Speed: 120kts (215km/hr)
Payload: 500kg+
Passengers: 5
Range: 430nm+
Number in Fleet: 1
Predominant Use: Unprepared airstrip charter and Tours to Tanna

Cessna 172

Cessna 172

Cruise Speed: 95kts (170km/hr)
Payload: 350kg+
Passengers: 3
Range: 380nm+
Number in Fleet: 1
Predominant Use: Unprepared airstrip charter, Tours to Tanna and training

General Information

The payload and range of the aircraft is dependent on many variables, specifically, weather, weight of passengers/cargo and the route to be flown. Please feel free to contact us with your requirements for a free quote. All aircraft are maintained by AirWorx Engineering who, in addition to maintaining our fleet, provides maintenance services for Air New Zealand, Virgin, Air Pacific, Air Calin and Fiji Air All maintenance on the Air Taxi fleet is performed to the highest standard. AirWorx are available, on call for us any time of day, ensuring reliability and extremely well presented aircraft.


Single Engine Aircraft

We often get asked the question “Are single engine aircraft safe?” and the answer is, “Yes!” Whilst it is true that multi-engine aircraft offer extra redundancy, this can come at the expense of extra complexity which, of course, leads to more potential complications. Our fleet has been specifically chosen for safety, reliability and ease of maintenance, which means more time in the air and less time on the ground, allowing us to better serve our customers. Our 3 Cessna single engine aircraft are some of the most popular in the world and highly regarded for their dependability, versatility and robustness. This is why when you say the name “Cessna”, just about anyone knows that you’re talking about light aircraft built for bush conditions.

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