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Safety and customer comfort are at the forefront of our operation.

Air Taxi Vanuatu is Vanuatu’s largest air charter and air tour operator.

We have bases in Port Vila, the capital of Vanuatu and at Luganville, on the island of Espirito Santo.

Air Taxi specialises in volcano tours to the world famous Mt Yasur Volcano, the most accessible, active volcano on the planet.

We offer a price beat guarantee on all charter and tours without compromising safety, providing best value service to our customers.

Air Taxi is an efficient, value for money, charter airline with aircraft available for both private and commercial use.

Volcano Tours

Tanna – Mt Yasur Volcano Day Tour

A tour to Tanna Island to view Vanuatu’s famous Mt Yasur Volcano is an experience of a lifetime. Mt Yasur Volcano, on the southern Vanuatu island of Tanna, is probably the archipelago’s most iconic landmark, and justly so. The locals cannot remember a time when Tanna Volcano wasn’t coughing up its blazing entrails, shooting lava bombs and a volcanic ash cloud hundreds of meters into the air, every few minutes. Leaving Vanuatu without having witnessed ‘up close and personal’ the Mt Yasur Volcano fireworks phenomena is akin to not seeing the Eiffel Tower when visiting Paris!

Tanna – Mt Yasur Volcano Overnight Tour

It is generally agreed that Mt Yasur Volcano is best viewed at night; the explosive molten magma displays are truly awesome. Our Tanna Overnight Tour from Port Vila allows you to view the volcano both during the daytime and after dark, when the natural fireworks show is at its most spectacular.

Land Diving Tours

Naghol Land Diving Tour – Pentecost Island

Every year, from the beginning of April to the end of June, in the hopes of a bountiful yam harvest, the villagers of Southwest Pentecost perform a ritual called the Naghol (also written as Nagol, N’gol, Nangol, Nanggol) or Land Diving. Young and very brave men make spectacular leaps from hand crafted towers up to 30 meters high, with only vines tied to their ankles, to break their fall.

Naghol Land Diving Tour & Epi Island Eco Adventure – Pentecost & Epi Islands

This tour combines the Naghol Land Diving Tour with a stop-off on Epi Island, on your return leg from Pentecost to Port Vila.

Once the jumps are over, you will depart to Epi Island. The aircraft will touch down on a grass airstrip, right next to the beautiful white beach at Lamen Bay, in northwest Epi Island.

A boat will take you across the turquoise waters of Lamen Bay, to your lunch spot at Sunset Bungalows. Settle in and be treated to a buffet lunch of fresh, organic “island kai-kai”.

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While we believe we offer the best prices for tours to Tanna Volcano, if you are quoted a better price from another operator for a similar Tour to Tanna, we will happily beat it!

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